Support Your Parish While Your Parish Supports You

Just like the first Church community in Jerusalem (Acts 2:42-47), St Emydius Church relies on its members to support its life and work by giving of their time, energy, financial support, and prayers. There are many opportunities to use your God-given gifts and talents to further the mission of Christ here at St. Emydius.

Financial Contributions

Meeting the church's operating expenses, paying off our church debt, salaries, providing Catholic education, supporting the Church's wider mission, evangelizing, and helping others in need. This allows us to worship God, meet our needs, and meet the needs of others.

Regular giving is the best way for members to support the Church.  These are reported to you annually for your tax preparation. 

Your Talents

Knowledge and creativity to build a better church is always welcome. This is the foundation of our future.  

Planned Giving

To add St Emydius to your estate planning, please contact our parish.