When you look at the rooms in a home, you can tell a lot about the people who live there. When you look at the furnishings of a church, you can tell a lot about the people who worship there. This situation is so because the church (as in building) gets its name from the Church (as in assembled people) who gather in it.

Let's look then at St. Emydius Church - its building and its furnishings and learn about the people who worship there.

Some Church Statistics:

Founding of Parish: 03 May 1913

Dedication of First Church: 27 December 1914

Dedication of Present Church: 26 February 1928

Architect: John J. Foley

Contractor: S. Rasori

First Major Remodeling: 1946

Second Major Remodeling: 1962

Title of Church: St. Emydius, patron against earthquakes

Shape of Church: Cruciform

Orientation of Church: Nave = north-south; Transept = east-west

Size: Transept & Nave: 3248 square feet

Seating Capacity: 600 people

The Altar, The Ambo, The Tabernacle and The Shrine of the Word of God were designed and realized by our beloved parishioner, George Gotelli.



The focal point of the Church is the altar where the Saving Event (accomplished by God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit) is remembered, made present, offered as our worship, and shared in as food and drink.


The other table from which God's People are nourished with the living Word of God, who calls them together and empowers them to move to the altar to act out what has made them God's People.


The place where the Eucharistic Bread is reserved after Mass is concluded, for Viaticum for the dying, for Communion for the sick, and for the Veneration of the Faithful.


The place where the Book of the Gospels is enthroned for the Veneration of the Faithful and for their devout reading of the Word.