SF Turkey Drive 2023 at St Emydius Church

A Gift of Food Is A Gift of Life

Saturday, December 16, 2022 from 9 a.m. till noon.

Thank you, St. Emydius Parish for your support of the 12th Annual Neighborhood Holiday Turkey Drive at  St. Emydius Church. This event is happening this month of December. Thanks to generous donors, since 2012 we have grown in amazing ways. Imagine that last year alone, all donations amounted to enough food to serve about 60,000 meals! 

Whatever the weather, volunteers will be present at the drop-off site in the parking lot across the street from the St Emydius Church to accept your donations of turkeys, and meeting our cheerful donors. The location is: 350 De Montfort Avenue.

Our slogan this year is "A Gift of Food Is A Gift of Life"... a powerful statement that is so true for those living on the edge of poverty. The inflation has put so many people in a very hard situation never experienced before in their lifetime and they are in need of the most basic...food. Folks have been flocking to food banks and soup kitchens around the country to be able to feed their families. 

The organization benefactor of the 2023 SF Turkey Drive is the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. They deliver food to so many individuals and organizations in need that we are convinced they will handle all donations received efficiently. 

Visit SFTurkeyDrive.com for more information.

A Gift of Food Is A Gift of Life

In advance, thank you.                                 

Pierre Smit, Parishioner