SF Turkey Drive 2021 at SFTurkeyDrive.com

To Have Food For All at the Table

Nov 20 and Dec 18 from 9 a.m. till noon.

The 10th Annual Neighborhood Holiday Turkey Drive at St. Emydius Church is happening in the months of November and December. Thanks to generous past donations, since 2012 we have grown in amazing ways. Imagine that last year alone, all donations amounted to enough food to serve about 50,000 meals at the St. Anthony's Dining Room! 

At the drop-off site of this SF Turkey Drive, over the years, we have experienced heavy rain, cold mornings, strong wind, thick smoke and warm sunshine. Last year, COVID-19 was a new challenge for all of us. Collecting turkeys and meeting lots of cheerful donors did not happen.  For 2021, we plan both a turkey collection in our parking lot and a virtual drive.  Our effort will be drumsticks and dollars! 

Our slogan this year is "To Have Food for All at the Table". This pandemic has put so many people in an incredibly hard place never experienced before in their lifetime; they are in need of the most basic...food. Folks have been flocking to food banks and soup kitchens around the country to be able to feed their families. 

Basically, this year, St. Anthony needs an even more enormous amount of food to feed the many. So we are going to welcome both Turkey and Dollars. Donors can send their donations by check or credit card anytime from anywhere.  Then on Saturdays November 20 and December 18, we will collect frozen turkeys or boxes of fresh vegetables. We hope you will be able to participate once more. St. Anthony Foundation does so many great things with your donations for people who have so little to live with. 

Yes, we'll collect actual turkeys & virtual turkeys and we will make a difference To Have Food for All at the Table. For more info or to make a donation, visit our website: SFTurkeyDrive.com. In advance, thank you. 

Pierre Smit, Parishioner

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