A People of Prayer, Hope, and Action

As events continue to unfold during this global pandemic, let us remember first of all that we are God's people and hold each other in prayer. Our hope is in the Lord, on whom we call in good times and bad, and in whose name we minister to our parishioners and to one another. Because of this hope, we can continue to act for the benefit of all, keeping in touch with our parishioners and continuing to meet their needs as best we can.

Our Sunday Bulletin - A Vital Lifeline to Our Parish

Click below for St. Emydius Church weekly parish bulletin: 

NOTE: In light of recent events, St. Emydius office will be CLOSED from Monday, April 10 to Saturday, April 15, noon. The 8:00 a.m., Monday to Friday daily masses, will be substituted with a Communion Service, defined as a Liturgy of the Word with reflection followed by the Our Father, Lamb of God, Holy Communion and Concluding Prayer. To be led by trained Eucharistic ministers in the absence of a priest.

Thank you for your patience.