Welcome to St. Emydius Church

We are your Catholic community home in the Ingleside District of San Francisco, a rich multicultural community with many different ethnic and national cultures mingling freely.  As some say: this is the best kept secret in San Francisco.  

In your spiritual life, join us now as we are welcoming you back. 

Our now past troubled times of COVID is about over and this should bring you consolation, strength, perspective, and sense of mission. At the heart of the church lies the community celebration of the Eucharist which gives us all of these blessings.

Welcoming the New Year 2022, we are starting a new stage in the Catholic Church thanks to a call from Pope Francis.  Yes, the Holy Father has convened a Synod and has asked you to participate in the process!  This is happening in the first Jan-Feb 2022 for all parishes around the world.  The goal is to consult and canvass each parishioners, young and old, active Catholics or not, as to their experience of and their view of necessary changes in the Catholic Church for many future generations. 

There are 3 steps in the process

-1- Send your contact information to Synod@StEmydius.Church so we can keep in contact with you

-2- Complete a 75-question survey (link will be coming soon) - to be done by January 23, 2022

-3- Join a 2-hour listening session either online or in-person  (more info coming early February). 

We can really say that we may hold in our hands the future of the Catholic Church for many future generations.  We know we can count on your participation.

Your St Emydius Team to answer any questions sent to our email address Synod@StEmydius.Church is composed of the following parishioners: 

                            Pierre Smit, St Emydius team leader 

Clarence and Ann Bryant                                        Mike Pavini 

Mary Ann and Mike McCormick        Ron and Annette Isola

More info here.

St. Emydius Church

De Montfort & Ashton Aves
San Francisco, CA 94112

St. Emydius Rectory

286 Ashton Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112



Fr. Bill Brady, Pastor

Fr. David M. Pettingill (Retired),            In-Residence 


Our email for any questions: Synod@StEmydius.Church

St. Emydius Synod Team:

Pierre Smit

Clarence & Ann Bryant                      

Mike Pavini                                        

Mary Ann and Mike McCormick

Ron and Annette Isola

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